Book your 2014 Maine Wedding & Get a Free 20×30 Canvas Wrap

Robin and I are excited because next summer is already booking up. In fact, we have only five Saturdays still open! What does that mean? It means we don’t have to spend thousands going to bridal shows this winter and can offer our 2014 new bookings a free 20×40 image wrap canvas print from your wedding as a free bonus if you book your date by September 15. That’s a $250 value!

Our canvas prints are pieces of art, not like those quick and dirty Groupon offers you get in your email once a week. Our professional lab produces sharp, vibrant colors, custom printing, quality canvas and no curling or fading.

Your Maine wedding is going to be gorgeous. Our state is one of the tops for destination weddings because of its natural beauty. Imagine a showpiece canvas hanging on your living room wall after your wedding that will transport your guests to the beauty of your location every time they visit. You will love it.

Our goal is to lock up our summer this fall. Why? It just makes sense. Most photographers have to spend time and a lot of money putting together their displays for winter bridal shows where they sit in rows with other vendors. It would be awesome to opt out of that this year. That’s why we’re willing to give away a couple thousand dollars in canvas. We’d rather it be spent on our clients than given to hotels hosting vendors.

Let’s talk and get your date on the calendar now. All we need is a date even if you have not confirmed any of the other details like venue, food or entertainment. In fact, all of our packages include a free engagement session. Most use photos from that session for their “Save the Date” announcements. Email and we’ll get the ball rolling. It’s not too early too book your 2014 or 2015 wedding photography now.

Our free canvas offer is available with all of our wedding packages except our lowest level Bronze package.

Maine weddings are beautiful. This photo collage includes some of the results from Sammy and Jessica’s wedding on a Maine Farm last weekend. It defined Maine charm. Where are you thinking of having your Maine wedding during the summer of 2014?

Pick your favorite shot from your wedding for the focal point in your home.

Pick your favorite shot from your wedding for the focal point in your home.

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6 Ways to lose YOUR wedding

I’m a fan of social media. I love the exchange of information and ideas. Pinterest is huge with brides. Some spend hours culling through thousands of wedding images and then, being excited, they send the images they love on to their photographer with a note or email of shots they “must have.” Ugh.

Here’s the question. Do you want to live your own life or copy others? I mean, do you want your own memories of your day or are you looking to recreate the “best of” shots you find online?

As a photographer, I upload my best shots to Pinterest. We all do. It helps brides see what I am capable of. I like that. But there’s a danger in that too. When you look at an artist’s best art you can be disappointed when you see his good pieces. Not every shot is worthy of a bridal mag cover.

With the “Pinterest Pressure” in mind, I’ve put together these six ways you can lose your wedding day without realizing it.

Sammy and Jess got married last weekend!

Sammy and Jess got married last weekend!

1) Destroy your photographer’s creativity by sending a gallery of “must-have” poses you want him to recreate on your wedding day. Hopefully you hired your photographer because you viewed her work and like her style. Few of us get pumped to recreate others’ work. We’d rather tell your wedding story. When I lay down in the weeds to make a photo, my goal is a shot you will be wild about. Your photographer is shooting for you, not Pinterest.

2) Worry so much about how you want things to look in photos that you miss being fully present in the moment. Relax and trust your photographer to do his job. If you have contracted with a proven, experienced professional things will work out fine.

3) Put unreal expectations on your photographer, especially if you’ve used the photography line item to trim your budget. Uncle Larry will do his best but don’t expect his results to be at the same level of the Pinterest professional photographers you’ve pinned. If you decided to go cheap, relax and enjoy your day and be ready to take what you get. Freaking out with stress will only put more pressure on Uncle Larry and make him forget to switch off bulb mode after that long exposure. Bulb mode? Yeah, that would be catastrophic, trust me.

4) Host a media circus with the paparazzi swarming. Your wedding is about you, right? Will your guests know that or will they be watching a media crew in action? I recently attended a wedding as a guest where the couple had contracted a media company that sent three photographers and two videographers (I could tell by the big mics on their Nikon hotshoes.) Each of the photographers carried a minimum of two cameras and shutter noise made it sound like the president was announcing his resignation. One photographer had a 400mm lens mounted all day! Remember, more is not always better and great big lenses are not a display of talent. Their Facebook preview album was great but no better than those I see every day posted by my pro friends. I heard guests remark that they couldn’t see the bride and groom during their ceremony. We never got to talk to them at the reception. We left at the four hour mark while they were out again shooting more video. Is that really what you want?

5) Order no prints, wall art or albums. We live in a digital age where hundreds will view your photos online only. Online images are important, I get that. Please believe me when I tell you that your photographer is not pushing you to print only so she can make more money. I shot my first wedding in 1981. During my years as a photographer I have gone from film to digital cards. I have seen computers go from no disk drives to 12 inch floppies, to 6 inch to 3 inch, to thumbdrive to The Cloud. I have boxes of obsolete junk. Your prints and albums never go obsolete. No one will ever have to “launch” anything or reboot to look at your wedding art. Many of us resist just giving you our files because we are artists. When you ask me to give you my files it’s like asking a painter to only give you his paints. There is much that goes into making wall art. If your plan is to just get the files and eventually order your own stuff cheap at Costco, don’t hire an artist to shoot your wedding – Uncle Larry just bought a cool lens for his Canon Rebel. Ask him.

With all the time, money and effort you are putting into your wedding, you don’t want to lose it in digital distraction.

– Scott Linscott is a professional photpgrapher based in Westbrook, Maine.

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Ten questions to ask before choosing your Senior Portrait Photographer

Maine Senior PortraitsCongrats! You’ve made it to your senior year. This is it. You’re about to have a bunch of “last times” over the coming months. The last time you play a high school soccer game, the last time you pick out a dress for homecoming, the last time you compete in debate … Senior year is about to fly by.

Soon you’ll be listening to morning announcements begging you to get your senior pictures in for your yearbook. They’ll want your list of activities, a favorite quote or your hobbies. You’ve got a lot of stuff to decide. Thirty years from now your kids are going to open that yearbook and look for you. I know, there’s a lot of pressure, right? How do you want to be remembered?

If you’ve been thinking about it already chances are that you’ve searched Google for “Maine’s best senior portrait photographers” or “Professional photographers in Maine.” Maybe you’ve cruised around Pinterest looking for ideas for poses and outfits.

Or maybe you’ve been pushing it to the back of your mind and haven’t given it a second thought. You can feel deadlines looming. You’re thinking, “I gotta get this done.”

Or maybe you’re in the final group thinking it’s no big deal and you’ll just have your artsy friend or your mom snap a few shots and submit one of them.

At the end of the year, no matter what group you’re in, you’ll flip through hundreds of faces in your yearbook and instantly be able to group photo’s into four categories:

  1. Wow! This really pops.
  2. Pretty good. (talented artsy friend)
  3. Nice try. (artsy friend)
  4. Mom shot.

Which category do you want to be in? You’ve got to decide that now before you have your portraits done. This is the last time you will ever have your senior portraits taken.

It is senior portrait season and shots are springing up on Facebook all over the place. My professional photographer friends are stunning me as always. Then there are good shots by talented amateurs that just lack that certain sense of “pop.” I see the “artsy” friend shots accentuating art instead of the subject. And then, I see the shots Mom or Uncle Bob took and I get sad at kids hugging trees, backlit images with dark faces and tilted horizons.

To help you choose your senior portrait photographer, I’ve put together this list of ten questions to ask yourself before you decide:

  1. Do I want my portraits to be awesome?
  2. Do I want a photographer who can help me relax?
  3. Do I need help posing and help deciding what to wear?
  4. Do I want a photographer who makes my shoot fun?
  5. Do I want a photographer who is experienced with editing and retouching?
  6. Do I want a photographer who uses a variety of locations?
  7. Do I want a photographer who understands lighting?
  8. Do I want a photographer who will capture both trendy and traditional shots?
  9. Do I want a photographer with experience photographing lots of seniors?
  10. Do I want a photographer who has a proven track record and portfolio of styles?

If you answered “yes” to more than three of these questions, you want to contract with an experienced, proven, professional photographer. If that’s the case, when choosing you want to be sure your photographer is a true professional.

  1. Is he an insured professional and a member of a professional association such as Professional Photographers of America and your state association of pros?
  2. Does she offer any type of guarantee of results? (Linscott Photography guarantees that you will be thrilled with your results or we will reshoot until you are.)
  3. Will he allow you to see a complete gallery from a recent senior shoot rather than just a select few shots from various shoots?

Your senior portraits are important. Someday when you are running for president, score 10,000 points, win an Oscar or publish your autobiography, your senior portrait will resurface. Do you really want it to be a shot of you leaning on a tree in your backyard?

If you are looking for a Maine professional photographer who will give you the results you want, Linscott Photography has been making seniors happy for years. A member of the PPA and MPPA, Scott is fully insured, trained and equipped to deliver. We help you relax and have fun during your shoot and wevhave plenty of suggestions to help you.

From urban style to country, classic to casual, Linscott Photography will capture the real you with awesome photos your family and friends will love. (gallery examples)


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Need a professional photographer for your senior portraits?

FB-20130717_Alaina-DYER_0552Maine Senior Portrait Photography

What do we do?

  • We capture you! Fashionista? Jock? Natural beauty? Simple style? Laid-back. Country fun? Urban? We tell your story.
  • We have fun outside. No stuffy, static studio shots.
  • We relax. Take your time. No rushing.
  • We make both you and your mom happy.

Why book with us?

Because, you are our favorite! No, really. We’ve spent a good part of our lives working with students like you. It’s an exciting time in your life. We love getting to know you just as much as we enjoy making photos. You’re not just another appointment with us. We truly get excited about spending time with our seniors and hearing about their plans while we shoot. We like shooting weddings and family portraits too but senior portrait season is our favorite.

Do we know what we’re doing?

That’s a very good question. Today, people buy fancy camera’s and call themselves pro photographers. A good camera does not make a good photographer just like an expensive dress won’t make you a super-model. We’ve got great equipment (see it) but we’ve also got more important stuff:

  • Education. Scott studied photojournalism at the University of Maine where he earned a BA in Journalism. He then went on to study the art of color photography and print making in the Art School at the University of Southern Maine. From there he has been a lifelong learner through numerous continuing education opportunities. He is currently studying the use of light for portrait photography to stay up on the newest techniques.
  • Credentials. Scott is a member of the Maine Professional Photographers Association and Professional Photographers of America.
  • Experience. We are not new to photography. Scott has been shooting portraits and weddings since 1981. We keep up on ever-changing style trends, music and culture.
  • Results. Take a look at a sampling of our seniors in our Senior Gallery

What packages do we offer?

Platinum – $700

You choose up to seven favorite poses from two separate location shoots and get one gorgeous 11×14 print, six 8×10 prints, eight 5×7 prints, twelve 4×6 prints and thirty-two wallet-sized prints for friends.  Plus, we will design and print thirty Custom Grad Party Invites for your bash. We also take care of submitting your yearbook photo directly to your editor. Includes your on-location shoot and up to 5 outfit changes.

Gold – $500

You choose up to five favorite poses from your location shoot and get five 8×10 prints, seven 5×7 prints, ten 4×6 prints and thirty-two wallet-sized prints for friends.
We also take care of submitting your yearbook photo directly to your editor. Includes your on-location shoot and 3 outfit changes.

Silver – $400

You choose up to three favorite poses from your location shoot and get two 8×10 prints, five 5×7 prints, eight 4×6 prints and sixteen wallet-sized prints for friends.
We also take care of submitting your yearbook photo directly to your editor. Includes your on-location shoot and 3 outfit changes.

Bronze – $300

You choose one favorite pose from your location shoot and get one 8×10 print, 3 5×7 prints, six 4×6 prints and sixteen wallet-sized prints for friends. We also take care of submitting your yearbook photo directly to your editor. Includes your on-location shoot and 1 outfit change.

**Your final portraits will be carefully retouched to remove blemishes, whiten teeth, soften and balance color and light. Each session includes at least two outfit changes. Please feel free to bring a friend along who will help you relax and laugh.**

How does payment work?

You pay 50% of your package when we shoot your and the other 50% when you get your portraits. * 5% Maine Sales tax will be added to all products and fees. Prices effective March 1, 2012.

Want to book your senior session now?

Scott Linscott – 5 Village Ln. – Westbrook, ME – 04092 – 207-400-2481

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St. Dom’s Senior Alaina at Fort Williams State Park

This gallery contains 9 photos.

Senior Portrait Session Alaina Dyer St. Dom’s High School Fort Williams State Park, Cape Elizabeth, Maine Photographer: Scott Linscott, Linscott Photography One of my favorite seasons as a professional photographer is Senior Portrait season. Robin and I both love it! … Continue reading

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Peter and Marissa are hitched!

With temperatures approaching 90 degrees, the day Marissa and Peter had been waiting for had arrived. Robin and I had the pleasure of capturing their day and so enjoyed their contagious enthusiasm. NOTHING could ruin their day: steamy temperatures, missing stylist, disappearing boutonnières, time flying by, all that mattered was they would soon be Marissa and Peter Brown.

They were a wedding photographer’s dream couple! We literally have too many very strong photos to tell their story. It will be a challenge for them to make their album selections. I’ve selected these as a quick preview with few edits but will have their full gallery up by the end of the week where guests will be able to order prints for themselves at

If you lift any of these photos for use on social media, please do not crop out my logo. Feel free to post and comment here in the gallery. Click on any photo to view the larger image.


We’d like to thank Pete and Marissa for inviting us to be part of their very special day. It almost wasn’t like work! (wink)

Scott and Robin Linscott

Vendors: The Black Point Inn, The Purpoodock Country Club, Mainely Tours

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Dang! Why are wedding photographers so expensive?

richesThere I was reading pointless status updates on Facebook rather than doing what I should have been doing. I should have been editing pimples off the faces of pubescent girls, whitening teeth, removing braces and making people into what they want to be. I should have been applying glam filters to RAW files, cloning over distracting background elements and adding my logo to reduced photos for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram. But, I chose to see pictures of what friends had for dinner, learn that someone’s baby was having trouble leaving breast for bottle and view videos of hilarious cats. Then, there it was …

“2,500 – $3,500 for wedding photographer??? I went into the wrong line of work!”

I set my Russian Caviar aside and summoned the butler to bring me another glass of Screaming Eagle Cabernet Sauvignon so I could contemplate the poster’s point. I considered getting into the Bentley to be driven to the Marina to see in my pro photographer colleagues on their yachts to ask their opinions on the meaning of the post.

But the butler didn’t answer my call. Instead, my wife, sitting at the kitchen table working her third job, gave me a look like I was crazy. My caviar plate was a bowl of microwave popcorn and my Bentley turned out to be a Hyundai Accent that was less expensive than my camera, sitting in our one-car garage while our 2006 Nissan with 146,000 miles sat outside in the driveway. None of my colleagues were at the marina and the only time we get to go on yachts is when someone hires us to capture their event in pictures.

But, my friend’s status update made me realize that he, an administrator and executive who is probably pulling 80 to 100 Gs a year, thought he should have been a rich photographer instead.

Pass me the popcorn and I’ll let you know what your photographer is facing and why she charges “so much.”

First, according to, the national median income for photographers is $36,000.00 a year. Those on the highest end of the pay scale bring in about $85,000.00 and those on the lowest are at $9,000.00-$12,000.00.

When you pay your photographer $3,000.00 to shoot your wedding, you are contracting for usually 8+ hours of services the day of your event AND 20+ hours after you head for your honeymoon cruise. Most of us work late into the night to get social media photos up in a preview gallery for you and your friends. Yes, we want our logo to be seen when you share your pictures and tag friends.

Out of that $3000 comes your product. Is it a leather album with two smaller albums for parents, a slideshow of images, an online gallery? Let’s subtract our cost of supplying those things and estimate $800.00 for product.

Did we bring a second shooter? Let’s subtract another $300 for that since we pay them out of what you pay us. That leaves $1900.00 or $60 an hour. Not bad, huh? Wait, there’s more…

Out of that remaining $1900.00 comes our business costs which include advertising, travel, equipment, computer editing software, technology upgrades, mailings, internet bills, web storage fees, professional membership fees, equipment insurance, liability insurance, continuing education. I’m amazed at my friends who also maintain studios outside their homes with rent, utilities and insurances. More and more of us are opting for home studios for obvious reasons. If I have to pay for a studio my fees are going to need to go higher.

Yes, you’re right, your wedding isn’t our only wedding. We shoot other weddings too but we do 90% of our wedding business in June-August. That’s 12-13 weekends if we book solid. Saturday is the big day but we do pick up a few Sunday weddings too, if we’re lucky. The rest of the year, especially after October is pretty dead. That means wedding photographers have got to make 80-90% of their living in 10-12 weeks, especially in the Northeast.

So let’s imagine we totally book out our summer and bring in $35,000 on weddings. That would be great! We’ll then shoot as many portraits as we can and hope to have a strong senior picture season because we know, in the Northeast, we’ll be doing next to nothing except paying out to advertising and bridal shows to get next summer booked to do it all again.

Still think your photographer has got to be rolling in the dough? Your photographer also has to take care of his own health insurance, retirement account and self-employment taxes. Paid vacation? No such thing.

What’s the morale of the story? Don’t go into photography solely for the money. The good news is that “photographer” made it into the top 200 jobs of 2013. The bad news is it is number 172 behind taxi driver at 146. ( In 2010 we made it to 146 on the jobs list in the WSJ.

Wedding photographers are not getting rich. They charge the lowest rate they can to stay in business and make a living. Their cost of business, quality of equipment, education and experience sets their rates. But, be careful! Our field also allows for any Tom, Dick or Sherry to purchase an intermediate level camera, kit lens and flash, throw up a website and hang a shingle proclaiming themselves “professional” photographers. They’ll even set rates similar to area established pros. Always ask how long they have been shooting, where they studied photography and what professional associations they belong to. Will they shoot your wedding with a backup camera in their bag in case of equipment failure?

With established professionals providing a resume beyond “self-taught” and “I love photography,” you are not getting ripped off.  Trust me, like every small business owner in America, your photographer is doing his best to make a living doing what he loves while providing you with a product that will leave you raving about his services.

Interested in photography for big bucks?

Don’t quit your day job…





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