Maine Wedding Photographer Reviews

I recently read a story that told of professional photographers  being extorted and held hostage by people threatening to post bad reviews all over the internet. Basically the deal is “pay us money or we will post terrible reviews and destroy you.” It can be effective because reviews are so important to all of us in the wedding photography business.

Thankfully, so far, I have only received a couple negative reviews and in each I have no idea who the reviewer is and have never worked with them. We’ve been so encouraged by the reviews we’ve received.


Awesome and Inspirational! Linscott Photography captured beautiful moments outside our memories. Scott and Robin are a husband and wife team which allows them to both shoot at the same time capturing different angles and different moments. We hired Linscott Photography to shoot our son’s destination wedding in Maui, Hawaii after having gone with “a friend” for our daughter’s wedding. She has said many times since that her biggest regret was not having a professional photographer. We were not going to make that mistake again. I am sure you can imagine the beauty of a Maui center wedding on the beach, but what you cannot imagine is a wedding during Hurricane Ana on the beach! Yes, fifty friends and family having traveled thousands of miles to the beautiful island of Maui, to stand with our son and his beautiful bride on the beach, umbrellas up and rain and wind adding its own elements of beauty. Those umbrella shots are some of my favorites. Scott and Robin, worked tediously, yet almost unseen, to capture amazing once in a lifetime shots of the bride and groom, kissed by nature’s own tears. Yes, there were the traditional shots, but more impressive were the one of a kind shots, including a pink ukulele set on the beach at sunset! We learned Scott and Robin were celebrating their 30th wedding anniversary and had gotten married in the rain years ago. It was clear that a wet knot is hard to untie. If you are fortunate enough to book your once in a lifetime wedding with Linscott Photography, you will have a lifetime to marvel at your unique and once in a lifetime captured memories. We may never get to return to Hawaii, but we will always have the photographs of that amazing week. ~ Gail Silva

Scott and Robin made a fantastic team! We had some severe weather issues (a hurricane!) and they handled it beautifully. They were very responsive, flexible, attentive, and had a great vibe! It was pleasure to have them as a part of our special day! ~ Jamie Renell


Once we hired Scott, his pre-game preparation was very impressive. Scott desired to really know Sarah and I so that he could capture our wedding the exact way we want to remember it.

During the wedding, Scott did an excellent job of blending in with the guests. Yes, he was the only attendee moving around while taking pictures, but I felt that his work did not distract anyone from the ceremony. After the ceremony, it was time for family pictures — that long, tiresome process. Not at our wedding! Scott was very prepared, understanding what pictures needed to be taken and who needed to be in them. Everyone had a lot of fun during this time, and the pictures were outstanding! Scott then took our first pictures as Bride and Groom. Knowing our photographic tastes, Scott used various settings, poses, and camera techniques to create the greatest pictures we have together. Along with the wedding portraits, Scott showed off his artistic mind throughout the reception. We have pictures of our rings, our friends and family, our first dance, and so much more from an angle and lighting that you just don’t know how to ask for.

Throughout our business with Scott, he presented himself and his work in a very professional manner; but with that professionalism also comes a sense of humor that helps you relax and feel the utmost comfort during this busy and stressful event.

Scott’s services come at a great value. After paying for his travel and housing expenses, the total cost was still less than what many local photographers were asking for. The wedding package we paid for was well worth our money. With our package, Scott put together a beautiful photo album of our wedding day, and my parents and in-laws each have a copy. This is an album that will be on display for years and years to come. My wife and I are incredibly grateful for Scott and his services. We highly recommend him to any couple hoping to remember their wedding the way they want to remember it. ~Scott Gardner


We were completely pleased with Linscott Photography and would highly recommend their services for your special event. Scott and his wife Robin make an outstanding team and exceeded our expectations as they captured our son’s wedding in photographs. Scott took the time to get to know my son and his bride before the wedding so he could incorporate their personalities into his photography. He had a great way of combining the information that we gave him about what we were looking for with his own creativity and knowledge as a photographer. Scott was so well prepared–he visited both venues before the wedding date so he came ready with great ideas for pictures. This made the wedding day photography well organized and go very smoothly. Another important thing to note is Scott and Robin’s wonderful personalities. They have a great way of relaxing everyone, making the photographs fun, as well as ensuring that all the photographs that you want are being taken. We all felt very confident that our son’s wedding pictures were going to be excellent because of Linscott Photography–and they are! The finished albums are really works of art–creatively arranged and well balanced. True family treasures. We will definitely be using Linscott Photography again in the future! ~ Sallie Gardner, mother of groom.


Linscott photography did all of my Wedding photos and beyond met my expectations! I highly recommend them for any photo needs. ~ Rebekah Stevens

WOW, planning a wedding is an exciting, busy but also a stressful lifetime experience. Linscott Photography created memories of our daughter’s destination wedding which we will always cherish. If you are considering a “Do It Yourselves” or a ” Friend” I highly recommend you read the FAQS on Linscott Photography’s website. Things you never think to consider could mean the difference between memories to treasure for a lifetime or regrets! Scott and Robin are an organised team that know what you will find important when that special time is over. With the rush of preparing and getting to the ceremony on time, it was a comfort to have this team know how to arrange shots and keep the flow going smoothly. Anyone can snap a picture, but it takes a photographer’s talented eye to capture the emotions, spirit and small details of that special moment. ~ Mother of the bride


Scott’s professional and personable interest in the success of this wedding was inspiring. He took the time to make sure each required photo was in the best situation for all involved. The fun photos he took during the reception and around the ceremony were priceless and included artistically in the wedding albums. ~ Lisa Obrien


Scott is friendly and fun and takes the time necessary to create your memories. He has creative ideas and made us laugh. On a day that needs to move efficiently, he coordinated well with other vendors and we felt the freedom to enjoy our pictures and wedding with ease, to the point of realizing…I never even saw him take that one!!! He was just there for the moments we wanted. At all stages of prep we were able to reach him with ease, and he was very informative in answering any questions we had. Very professional. ~Marissa Brown


We thoroughly enjoyed working with Scott. He was accessible throughout our entire planning process, his flexibility stood out to us. We had some unique requests for engagement photos; his creativity allowed us to be in love with the finished product. Scott was fun to work with, and from the beginning we were very comfortable with him. His experience and professionalism, coupled with his ability to keep you laughing and smiling made this a truly enjoyable experience for us. We’ve recommended him several times! If he’s got your date open, take it, you won’t regret it! ~ Brianna Gullat


Maine Wedding Photographers, Scott and Robin Linscott would love to share your day and capture your memories! Contact them at or online at .

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Why I can’t be a shoot, dump and run wedding photographer.

Are you looking for a cheap wedding photographer who will simply give you the files?

Are you looking for a cheap wedding photographer who will simply give you the files?

The call came just as I was working to blend a spot in some trees where I removed one of three power lines across a rich, blue sky. It was my final adjustment after about 90 minutes of working on this single image. I had already removed a tan line, cloned out a couple of people in the distance and did some of the usual work touching up the bride’s back in her dress.

“What would you charge us to photograph our wedding and then just give us the files on a disc?”


Ugh. It’s the question I hate. I hear it at least a time or two each week now. A lot of brides are looking to save money by cutting out the middle man in the photographic process. They want the DIY approach to wedding art thinking they can simply have the files printed themselves using Groupon deals and photo sales at Rite Aid and Costco.

It’s so tempting to give them the deal they are looking for and simply shoot, dump and run. I tried it. It is impossible for me to be a shoot, dump and run photographer. I care too much about my images; my art.

What brides don’t realize is that shoot, dump and run photographers actually make more money than photographers/artists who see shooting as only the first stage in their craft. The SD&R photographer may charge $1200-$1500 to shoot a wedding, which looks like a steal in today’s wedding photography market. They can make $150-$200 per hour after quickly culling through the images, deleting the failed shots and dumping the rest on a DVD or two for an anxious bride. The artist, however, will make maybe $30-$50 an hour, depending on their prices, because they are more concerned with the art they produce than they are with simply clicking the shutter. They poor their hearts into making their images the best they can be and will spend hour after hour making their images flawless.

I’m sorry. I simply cannot shoot, dump and run. Really. Trust me, I’ve tried. I may be even more excited about the images I make than the brides and families are. Often times my wife and assistant, Robin, will drive us home from a shoot so that I can sit in the passenger seat to begin transferring images onto my laptop to see the result. Handing over my images without taking the time to raise and nurture them would be like giving up my babies. I’m serious. My last wedding was a destination shoot and I about died having to wait until after we flew home before I could see the images I created.

Obsessive, right? I know. I am obsessive when it comes to my art. I simply can’t just dump them on a disk for you to throw into a box somewhere or get printed from a discount lab on low-quality canvas, cheap paper or poured into a template-driven book that is identical to thousands of other books. I can’t let you treat my babies that way.

Strange? Actually, among my peers who are true, trained professionals (not the talented hobbyists who are pursuing their passion), I’m pretty normal. We take a tremendous amount of pride in having our work hang on your wall. We want it to be perfect. We live for the feeling that comes when you see your product and gush over our work. We love seeing you post on your Facebook page and we love watching your friends go crazy with comments.

Last week the Fedex truck brought a 16×20 canvas. I quickly tore into the box it to inspect it. Wow. The color was great, the texture and depth were stunning but as I looked close I noticed a tiny spot in the sky. I used a cloth to see if it was just a small piece of dirt I could wipe away but it was part of the image. I showed 2 others and asked them “see if you can find the problem I have with this image.” As usual, neither could. Regardless, I called my lab, told them they had a piece of dust on a lens and they immediately reprinted and shipped me a perfect replacement. When I showed my client the old and new, she laughed and said she never would have noticed the tiny flaw. I noticed.  I was not about to let my art hang on her wall with that little dust spot. Yes, it’s that important to me.

My caller did her best to convince me to photograph her wedding and give her my images. She told me how much she loved my ability to produce both the traditional and the artistic and raved about my portfolio. It would have been a quick and easy Maine wedding paying $1800 for 8-10 hours of work. I am sure she would have been thrilled even with the stage one images I delivered but I sent her on her way. She was a little put out with me. That’s okay, I know she, like so many others, thinks that all we do is click the shutter. Her understanding is that our expensive cameras make stunning images that they could easily produce if they had the same equipment.

Today I saw another new Facebook page advertising yet another new photographer pursuing her “love for photography” by charging money for portraits and weddings. I looked through a few of her albums of poorly-lit, oddly composed images and it made me sad. I wasn’t sad for her. She’ll learn. I was sad for the people she will learn on. She’ll gladly shoot your wedding and give you the images for just $1,000.

Shoot. Dump. Run.

I used to spend time trying to convince my SD&R callers not to go that route. I used to offer to meet with them to show them album samples and canvas wall art. I don’t do that anymore because I finally learned that they don’t value the art aspect to making photographs.

Anyone can take photographs. Artists make photographs.

Scott and Robin Linscott are Maine professional wedding and portrait photographers based in the Greater Portland area. Though most of their work is in the beautiful state of Maine, they have also worked as destination wedding photographers.

For more information:





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Do you need a Photographer for a Summer or Fall 2014 Maine Wedding?

Becca and Dustin – Celebration, Florida destination wedding February 2014.

Do you need a Maine Wedding Photographer for summer 2014?
Linscott Photography has a limited number of openings left for 2014 Summer and Fall and is booking 2015 weddings now.

Why trust Linscott Photography with your Wedding?

  • Experience since 1981.
  • Formal Education & Training.
  • Confidence directing people & schedule.
  • Capture both the trendy and traditional.
  • Value.
  • Team approach.
  • Artistic and photojournalistic.

The only thing that will remain after your wedding day is your photos. The cake and flowers will be gone, the DJ will be somewhere else and even the facility you used will be rented by someone else. The tuxes will be returned and your dress will hang in a bag. It will be your photographs that trigger the memories of the day. Your pictures will bring back the laughs and the music.


Your photographs are more important than the cake, the meal, the music and the flowers. They are more important than the limo you rent for several hours and even the dress you wear that day. Our goal is to transport you back to your wedding day each time you view your photos.

With top-quality Signature albums, professionally printed books, canvas art that will last for ages and prints made with the best inks and papers, we work hard to make sure your investment increases in value over time. They will become priceless.

We show you complete wedding shoots not just a portfolio of our best photographs.

Every photographer is able to provide a “best of” gallery but that is not always a good indicator of the overall quality of their work. We let you see complete proof galleries of some recent clients, without edits, so you will be confident in our quality. (see an example here). After you make your selections we go to work editing, retouching and applying effects to make your images phenomenal. Narrowing down your selections will be the challenge if we shoot your wedding because you will have plenty to choose from.

Why hire true professionals? Is it worth it?

We used my mom’s friend for our photographer. She was nice but really was in over her head. She didn’t know how to pose people and our pictures are all dark. Whenever I look at my friends’ wedding albums and pictures on their walls I envy them.  I have none of that. Is there any way you can use the negatives and fix her pictures to make us a real album for our 10th anniversary? – Stephanie

As a member of Professional Photographers of America and Maine Professional Photographers Association, I would love being part of your day but, if not me, please don’t cut your budget by trimming the photography line item. Do you really want to trust your day to your uncle with the nice camera or that friend who “loves photography” and has shot a few weddings but has little experience directing people or accomplishing your goals on your tight schedule? Do you want your photographer friend to work your wedding or would you rather they enjoy it with you?

Trust me, the day will come when you will wish you had hired a trained, experienced professional to capture your wedding. My wife Robin, a talented amateur photographer, usually shoots with me. (Some of Robin’s shots) We frequently hear from brides who are thrilled that they resisted the temptation to go with a cheaper photographer who would simply shoot and dump the files on a disk. Their choice for quality is affirmed every time they show off their Signature album or have a guest wowed by wedding wall art.

By the way, the answer to Stephanie’s question? Can I rescue her wedding photos? Maybe. It depends how bad they are. Making bad images better is possible sometimes but the key to editing is to start with great images to make them breathtaking in retouching. Trained professionals start with great images and then improve them in editing. Others use Photoshop to make weaker images acceptable.

Let’s get together to talk about your wedding.

Let’s talk about your hopes and dreams for your wedding and get to know each other. You should always meet your photographer and make sure you connect well. Robin and I include a free engagement shoot with each of our packages. Why? Mostly so we can spend time with you, laugh together and enjoy connecting. Then, when your wedding day arrives you feel like a friend is joining in rather than someone you never met. Email me at to get the ball rolling or visit us at to look around more.

We love to hear from out clients!

The best part for me was that I missed so many little details of my wedding until I looked at our gallery. You captured every detail of our day. I knew our wedding was beautiful but you showed us how beautiful. So worth it! Thank you so much! – Rebecca

Thank you for staying in contact, following up, and being readily available to help us. You discovered what we wanted on our day, and produced it with ease and FUN! We had so much fun, and when I look at my pictures, I feel so much joy, and remember it all over again. We are so thrilled with the results, Thank you! Big hugs. Peter & Marissa (bride and groom part of their gallery)

I loved working with Scott as our wedding photographer! He was professional, listened and was so easy to work with. He really took the time to listen to what we wanted and our photos reflect that. I’ve recommended him several times. He is thorough and we were beyond pleased with the final outcome for both out wedding and engagement sessions. Thank you! Brianna

Linscott Photography excelled in professionalism and quality. Poses were simple and natural. All of the scenes we wanted were captured perfectly. Their skill was shown during the rapid change in lighting during our wedding. Using professional lighting equipment, the quality of the pictures did not change when the sun was setting. The finished photos were beautiful. We were more than pleased with the service and results we received from Linscott Photography. Sam & Jessica (view their wedding book design)

OMG! We love our album. I knew it was going to be nice but I had no idea it was going to be this nice. My mom is going to flip when she sees it. I’ve seen friends’ albums but this album is so much nicer. We love it. Thank you for all you put into it. Kristen (View their Linscott Photography album design here. Photography by my friend Ben Corey since this is my son’s wedding and I officiated.)

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Why it’s a bad idea to give your client 1500 images

When to Stop Being a Photographer and Start Being a Photo Editor

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Book your 2014 Maine Wedding & Get a Free 20×30 Canvas Wrap

Robin and I are excited because next summer is already booking up. In fact, we have only five Saturdays still open! What does that mean? It means we don’t have to spend thousands going to bridal shows this winter and can offer our 2014 new bookings a free 20×40 image wrap canvas print from your wedding as a free bonus if you book your date by September 15. That’s a $250 value!

Our canvas prints are pieces of art, not like those quick and dirty Groupon offers you get in your email once a week. Our professional lab produces sharp, vibrant colors, custom printing, quality canvas and no curling or fading.

Your Maine wedding is going to be gorgeous. Our state is one of the tops for destination weddings because of its natural beauty. Imagine a showpiece canvas hanging on your living room wall after your wedding that will transport your guests to the beauty of your location every time they visit. You will love it.

Our goal is to lock up our summer this fall. Why? It just makes sense. Most photographers have to spend time and a lot of money putting together their displays for winter bridal shows where they sit in rows with other vendors. It would be awesome to opt out of that this year. That’s why we’re willing to give away a couple thousand dollars in canvas. We’d rather it be spent on our clients than given to hotels hosting vendors.

Let’s talk and get your date on the calendar now. All we need is a date even if you have not confirmed any of the other details like venue, food or entertainment. In fact, all of our packages include a free engagement session. Most use photos from that session for their “Save the Date” announcements. Email and we’ll get the ball rolling. It’s not too early too book your 2014 or 2015 wedding photography now.

Our free canvas offer is available with all of our wedding packages except our lowest level Bronze package.

Maine weddings are beautiful. This photo collage includes some of the results from Sammy and Jessica’s wedding on a Maine Farm last weekend. It defined Maine charm. Where are you thinking of having your Maine wedding during the summer of 2014?

Pick your favorite shot from your wedding for the focal point in your home.

Pick your favorite shot from your wedding for the focal point in your home.

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6 Ways to lose YOUR wedding

I’m a fan of social media. I love the exchange of information and ideas. Pinterest is huge with brides. Some spend hours culling through thousands of wedding images and then, being excited, they send the images they love on to their photographer with a note or email of shots they “must have.” Ugh.

Here’s the question. Do you want to live your own life or copy others? I mean, do you want your own memories of your day or are you looking to recreate the “best of” shots you find online?

As a photographer, I upload my best shots to Pinterest. We all do. It helps brides see what I am capable of. I like that. But there’s a danger in that too. When you look at an artist’s best art you can be disappointed when you see his good pieces. Not every shot is worthy of a bridal mag cover.

With the “Pinterest Pressure” in mind, I’ve put together these six ways you can lose your wedding day without realizing it.

Sammy and Jess got married last weekend!

Sammy and Jess got married last weekend!

1) Destroy your photographer’s creativity by sending a gallery of “must-have” poses you want him to recreate on your wedding day. Hopefully you hired your photographer because you viewed her work and like her style. Few of us get pumped to recreate others’ work. We’d rather tell your wedding story. When I lay down in the weeds to make a photo, my goal is a shot you will be wild about. Your photographer is shooting for you, not Pinterest.

2) Worry so much about how you want things to look in photos that you miss being fully present in the moment. Relax and trust your photographer to do his job. If you have contracted with a proven, experienced professional things will work out fine.

3) Put unreal expectations on your photographer, especially if you’ve used the photography line item to trim your budget. Uncle Larry will do his best but don’t expect his results to be at the same level of the Pinterest professional photographers you’ve pinned. If you decided to go cheap, relax and enjoy your day and be ready to take what you get. Freaking out with stress will only put more pressure on Uncle Larry and make him forget to switch off bulb mode after that long exposure. Bulb mode? Yeah, that would be catastrophic, trust me.

4) Host a media circus with the paparazzi swarming. Your wedding is about you, right? Will your guests know that or will they be watching a media crew in action? I recently attended a wedding as a guest where the couple had contracted a media company that sent three photographers and two videographers (I could tell by the big mics on their Nikon hotshoes.) Each of the photographers carried a minimum of two cameras and shutter noise made it sound like the president was announcing his resignation. One photographer had a 400mm lens mounted all day! Remember, more is not always better and great big lenses are not a display of talent. Their Facebook preview album was great but no better than those I see every day posted by my pro friends. I heard guests remark that they couldn’t see the bride and groom during their ceremony. We never got to talk to them at the reception. We left at the four hour mark while they were out again shooting more video. Is that really what you want?

5) Order no prints, wall art or albums. We live in a digital age where hundreds will view your photos online only. Online images are important, I get that. Please believe me when I tell you that your photographer is not pushing you to print only so she can make more money. I shot my first wedding in 1981. During my years as a photographer I have gone from film to digital cards. I have seen computers go from no disk drives to 12 inch floppies, to 6 inch to 3 inch, to thumbdrive to The Cloud. I have boxes of obsolete junk. Your prints and albums never go obsolete. No one will ever have to “launch” anything or reboot to look at your wedding art. Many of us resist just giving you our files because we are artists. When you ask me to give you my files it’s like asking a painter to only give you his paints. There is much that goes into making wall art. If your plan is to just get the files and eventually order your own stuff cheap at Costco, don’t hire an artist to shoot your wedding – Uncle Larry just bought a cool lens for his Canon Rebel. Ask him.

With all the time, money and effort you are putting into your wedding, you don’t want to lose it in digital distraction.

– Scott Linscott is a professional photpgrapher based in Westbrook, Maine.

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Ten questions to ask before choosing your Senior Portrait Photographer

Maine Senior PortraitsCongrats! You’ve made it to your senior year. This is it. You’re about to have a bunch of “last times” over the coming months. The last time you play a high school soccer game, the last time you pick out a dress for homecoming, the last time you compete in debate … Senior year is about to fly by.

Soon you’ll be listening to morning announcements begging you to get your senior pictures in for your yearbook. They’ll want your list of activities, a favorite quote or your hobbies. You’ve got a lot of stuff to decide. Thirty years from now your kids are going to open that yearbook and look for you. I know, there’s a lot of pressure, right? How do you want to be remembered?

If you’ve been thinking about it already chances are that you’ve searched Google for “Maine’s best senior portrait photographers” or “Professional photographers in Maine.” Maybe you’ve cruised around Pinterest looking for ideas for poses and outfits.

Or maybe you’ve been pushing it to the back of your mind and haven’t given it a second thought. You can feel deadlines looming. You’re thinking, “I gotta get this done.”

Or maybe you’re in the final group thinking it’s no big deal and you’ll just have your artsy friend or your mom snap a few shots and submit one of them.

At the end of the year, no matter what group you’re in, you’ll flip through hundreds of faces in your yearbook and instantly be able to group photo’s into four categories:

  1. Wow! This really pops.
  2. Pretty good. (talented artsy friend)
  3. Nice try. (artsy friend)
  4. Mom shot.

Which category do you want to be in? You’ve got to decide that now before you have your portraits done. This is the last time you will ever have your senior portraits taken.

It is senior portrait season and shots are springing up on Facebook all over the place. My professional photographer friends are stunning me as always. Then there are good shots by talented amateurs that just lack that certain sense of “pop.” I see the “artsy” friend shots accentuating art instead of the subject. And then, I see the shots Mom or Uncle Bob took and I get sad at kids hugging trees, backlit images with dark faces and tilted horizons.

To help you choose your senior portrait photographer, I’ve put together this list of ten questions to ask yourself before you decide:

  1. Do I want my portraits to be awesome?
  2. Do I want a photographer who can help me relax?
  3. Do I need help posing and help deciding what to wear?
  4. Do I want a photographer who makes my shoot fun?
  5. Do I want a photographer who is experienced with editing and retouching?
  6. Do I want a photographer who uses a variety of locations?
  7. Do I want a photographer who understands lighting?
  8. Do I want a photographer who will capture both trendy and traditional shots?
  9. Do I want a photographer with experience photographing lots of seniors?
  10. Do I want a photographer who has a proven track record and portfolio of styles?

If you answered “yes” to more than three of these questions, you want to contract with an experienced, proven, professional photographer. If that’s the case, when choosing you want to be sure your photographer is a true professional.

  1. Is he an insured professional and a member of a professional association such as Professional Photographers of America and your state association of pros?
  2. Does she offer any type of guarantee of results? (Linscott Photography guarantees that you will be thrilled with your results or we will reshoot until you are.)
  3. Will he allow you to see a complete gallery from a recent senior shoot rather than just a select few shots from various shoots?

Your senior portraits are important. Someday when you are running for president, score 10,000 points, win an Oscar or publish your autobiography, your senior portrait will resurface. Do you really want it to be a shot of you leaning on a tree in your backyard?

If you are looking for a Maine professional photographer who will give you the results you want, Linscott Photography has been making seniors happy for years. A member of the PPA and MPPA, Scott is fully insured, trained and equipped to deliver. We help you relax and have fun during your shoot and wevhave plenty of suggestions to help you.

From urban style to country, classic to casual, Linscott Photography will capture the real you with awesome photos your family and friends will love. (gallery examples)


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Need a professional photographer for your senior portraits?

FB-20130717_Alaina-DYER_0552Maine Senior Portrait Photography

What do we do?

  • We capture you! Fashionista? Jock? Natural beauty? Simple style? Laid-back. Country fun? Urban? We tell your story.
  • We have fun outside. No stuffy, static studio shots.
  • We relax. Take your time. No rushing.
  • We make both you and your mom happy.

Why book with us?

Because, you are our favorite! No, really. We’ve spent a good part of our lives working with students like you. It’s an exciting time in your life. We love getting to know you just as much as we enjoy making photos. You’re not just another appointment with us. We truly get excited about spending time with our seniors and hearing about their plans while we shoot. We like shooting weddings and family portraits too but senior portrait season is our favorite.

Do we know what we’re doing?

That’s a very good question. Today, people buy fancy camera’s and call themselves pro photographers. A good camera does not make a good photographer just like an expensive dress won’t make you a super-model. We’ve got great equipment (see it) but we’ve also got more important stuff:

  • Education. Scott studied photojournalism at the University of Maine where he earned a BA in Journalism. He then went on to study the art of color photography and print making in the Art School at the University of Southern Maine. From there he has been a lifelong learner through numerous continuing education opportunities. He is currently studying the use of light for portrait photography to stay up on the newest techniques.
  • Credentials. Scott is a member of the Maine Professional Photographers Association and Professional Photographers of America.
  • Experience. We are not new to photography. Scott has been shooting portraits and weddings since 1981. We keep up on ever-changing style trends, music and culture.
  • Results. Take a look at a sampling of our seniors in our Senior Gallery

What packages do we offer?

Platinum – $700

You choose up to seven favorite poses from two separate location shoots and get one gorgeous 11×14 print, six 8×10 prints, eight 5×7 prints, twelve 4×6 prints and thirty-two wallet-sized prints for friends.  Plus, we will design and print thirty Custom Grad Party Invites for your bash. We also take care of submitting your yearbook photo directly to your editor. Includes your on-location shoot and up to 5 outfit changes.

Gold – $500

You choose up to five favorite poses from your location shoot and get five 8×10 prints, seven 5×7 prints, ten 4×6 prints and thirty-two wallet-sized prints for friends.
We also take care of submitting your yearbook photo directly to your editor. Includes your on-location shoot and 3 outfit changes.

Silver – $400

You choose up to three favorite poses from your location shoot and get two 8×10 prints, five 5×7 prints, eight 4×6 prints and sixteen wallet-sized prints for friends.
We also take care of submitting your yearbook photo directly to your editor. Includes your on-location shoot and 3 outfit changes.

Bronze – $300

You choose one favorite pose from your location shoot and get one 8×10 print, 3 5×7 prints, six 4×6 prints and sixteen wallet-sized prints for friends. We also take care of submitting your yearbook photo directly to your editor. Includes your on-location shoot and 1 outfit change.

**Your final portraits will be carefully retouched to remove blemishes, whiten teeth, soften and balance color and light. Each session includes at least two outfit changes. Please feel free to bring a friend along who will help you relax and laugh.**

How does payment work?

You pay 50% of your package when we shoot your and the other 50% when you get your portraits. * 5% Maine Sales tax will be added to all products and fees. Prices effective March 1, 2012.

Want to book your senior session now?

Scott Linscott – 5 Village Ln. – Westbrook, ME – 04092 – 207-400-2481

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St. Dom’s Senior Alaina at Fort Williams State Park

This gallery contains 9 photos.

Senior Portrait Session Alaina Dyer St. Dom’s High School Fort Williams State Park, Cape Elizabeth, Maine Photographer: Scott Linscott, Linscott Photography One of my favorite seasons as a professional photographer is Senior Portrait season. Robin and I both love it! … Continue reading

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Peter and Marissa are hitched!

With temperatures approaching 90 degrees, the day Marissa and Peter had been waiting for had arrived. Robin and I had the pleasure of capturing their day and so enjoyed their contagious enthusiasm. NOTHING could ruin their day: steamy temperatures, missing stylist, disappearing boutonnières, time flying by, all that mattered was they would soon be Marissa and Peter Brown.

They were a wedding photographer’s dream couple! We literally have too many very strong photos to tell their story. It will be a challenge for them to make their album selections. I’ve selected these as a quick preview with few edits but will have their full gallery up by the end of the week where guests will be able to order prints for themselves at

If you lift any of these photos for use on social media, please do not crop out my logo. Feel free to post and comment here in the gallery. Click on any photo to view the larger image.


We’d like to thank Pete and Marissa for inviting us to be part of their very special day. It almost wasn’t like work! (wink)

Scott and Robin Linscott

Vendors: The Black Point Inn, The Purpoodock Country Club, Mainely Tours

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