In wedding photography & portrait photography, capture life!

By wedding and portrait photographer Scott Linscott

I like life. I like it a lot, actually. And, as much as I believe there is a place and a need for traditional, posed portraits, my favorites from every wedding and portrait session are shots that simply capture life.

If you come into our living-room you will see family photos. But, you won’t find any Picture People style studio, static shots of my loved ones against white backgrounds or painted backdrops. You’ll find a few newborn shots on furry blankets but even those include character. The shots we normally choose to print are shots that tell the story of who we are or shots where the setting is tied to memories.

For example, we have a 10×30 panoramic, black and white canvas of this family photo I set up using my tripod during our family vacation this past summer. I purposely set my grandchildren right next to each other fully expecting the 8-month-old to torment the six-month-old. He did not disappoint! Whenever we look at it in the years to come it will remind us of their personalities and our wonderful family vacation instead of a trip to the mall cashing in a Groupon deal.


Yesterday I photographed an 18-month-old little girl on a cold, windy day. She wanted nothing to do with any of my props, baskets or setups and didn’t like me very much either. Mom and Dad looked at me apologetically with not a whole lot of hope for good captures. My advice was the same advice I give to parents time after time, “just let her play until she gets used to me.”

We didn’t end up with any shots of her sitting in my wicker basket, looking at the lens and smiling but what we did end up with is some wonderful lifestyle images that Mom and Dad adore.

aria-0537 aria-0525costumes-0760





Even in Maine wedding photography, though I am always happy with the more formal portraits we set up and capture, we set our eye on capturing the life moments happening all around us. The hugs, the flower girl running by, the tear on the father’s cheek are unexpected moments that turn into memories.

maine-wedding-photographers-linscottphoto-1023 13640767_1389631241053985_5621807170659303492_o

Robin and I see life as a gift. Since my life-saving liver transplant on May 7, 2012, we try to remember that each day is a bonus day. I think that is part of what now makes our work with Linscott Photo / Maine Pro Photo unique. When we photograph a wedding or a portrait session, we genuinely enjoy capturing moments and preserving memories even more than setting up the portraits and formal shots that will become priceless wall art. Of course, we do both but we sure do love life as it occurs naturally.


About Scott Linscott

Living life to the fullest, walking in the dust of my Rabbi, creating art through photography and written word, speaking words of hope and encouragement at conferences, workshops, church and civic gatherings.
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