More to Life than Wedding Photography and Portraits

by Maine wedding photographer, Scott Linscott

Robin and I love wedding photography. We love meeting new people and sharing their joy. We enjoy family portrait sessions, senior portraits and photographing children for much the same reason. We feel privileged when we are invited into someone’s life to preserve their memories.

But, there’s much more to life than weddings and portraits. Our photography simply provides an avenue to what matters most to us – making a difference in lives, encouraging people and bringing hope for change.

In December, I will make my second trip to Guatemala to use my photography skills and camera equipment to help communicate the story of AMG Guatemala and all that it is doing in a country wracked by poverty and crime. (read more) When Robin and I went in April, we came home committed to doing all we can to help and support AMG’s work. On this trip I will spend some time on the “Bundles of Love” team delivered Christmas packages of food, hygiene products and toys to some of the 8,000 children AMG is helping.

Our Tanya

Our Tanya

Now, we sponsor a precious little girl through the AMG Child Sponsorship program. Eighteen families in our church are also now sponsoring children through AMG. I know that is making a difference in Oratorio, Guatemala and I think that’s pretty cool.

I’m thankful I get to offer my skills to help AMG in its mission. But, I know from my last trip that I will come home feeling like I have benefited more than those I connect with and photograph.

I am working to fully fund my return so that there is no cost at all to AMG. If you would like to help I have a few options set up:

  1. Visit my travel photography gallery to shop for some new wall art. All proceeds from this gallery will go toward the trip. All excess funds will be delivered to AMG.
  2. You can mail a check made out to “FBC Westbrook – Guatemala Trip” to FBC WESTBROOK, 733 Main Street, Westbrook, ME 04092.  Your gift is tax-deductible. FBC Westbrook is our church.
  3. Give a tax-deductible donation online at Be sure to select “Scott Linscott/Bundles Team” as the account

After my life-saving liver transplant on 5/7/12 I came away with a different perspective. I now know that every day is a bonus day, a gift. Each of us can make a tremendous difference in someone else’s life if we will only look beyond ourselves and get involved. I’m thrilled to be healthy enough to come alongside AMG to help even if it’s something small like taking pictures.

We love being paid for wedding and portrait photography but, in so many ways, our volunteer activities, our missions work, pay so many more lasting dividends. There is nothing quite like knowing that you have made a difference in someone’s life.


Such sweet expressions everywhere we turned.


On our last trip we had the privilege of joining with a church for a worship service. We were impressed by how the children were such a large focus of the morning.


Students wait at a locked gate anxious for it to be unlocked so they can come in for lunch and school at an AMG center.


When the gates are opened the children run to their classrooms where lunch is delivered.


After a long dry season an afternoon thunderstorm sets the children to running and dancing in the rain.


Many children work the few tourist spots trying to sell the bracelets and necklaces their families have made.


There is little tourism in Guatemala because of the high rate of crime but there are many beautiful spots.


Barbed wire atop walls and fences is a common sight


Preparing lunch for 800 children at the center next to the Guatemala City Dump where many of the students have come from.



Scott and Robin Linscott are Maine Wedding Photographers based in Westbrook, Maine. They are very active in their church family and like to be involved in their community.

About Scott Linscott

Living life to the fullest, walking in the dust of my Rabbi, creating art through photography and written word, speaking words of hope and encouragement at conferences, workshops, church and civic gatherings.
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