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I recently read a story that told of professional photographers  being extorted and held hostage by people threatening to post bad reviews all over the internet. Basically the deal is “pay us money or we will post terrible reviews and destroy you.” It can be effective because reviews are so important to all of us in the wedding photography business.

Thankfully, so far, I have only received a couple negative reviews and in each I have no idea who the reviewer is and have never worked with them. We’ve been so encouraged by the reviews we’ve received.


Awesome and Inspirational! Linscott Photography captured beautiful moments outside our memories. Scott and Robin are a husband and wife team which allows them to both shoot at the same time capturing different angles and different moments. We hired Linscott Photography to shoot our son’s destination wedding in Maui, Hawaii after having gone with “a friend” for our daughter’s wedding. She has said many times since that her biggest regret was not having a professional photographer. We were not going to make that mistake again. I am sure you can imagine the beauty of a Maui center wedding on the beach, but what you cannot imagine is a wedding during Hurricane Ana on the beach! Yes, fifty friends and family having traveled thousands of miles to the beautiful island of Maui, to stand with our son and his beautiful bride on the beach, umbrellas up and rain and wind adding its own elements of beauty. Those umbrella shots are some of my favorites. Scott and Robin, worked tediously, yet almost unseen, to capture amazing once in a lifetime shots of the bride and groom, kissed by nature’s own tears. Yes, there were the traditional shots, but more impressive were the one of a kind shots, including a pink ukulele set on the beach at sunset! We learned Scott and Robin were celebrating their 30th wedding anniversary and had gotten married in the rain years ago. It was clear that a wet knot is hard to untie. If you are fortunate enough to book your once in a lifetime wedding with Linscott Photography, you will have a lifetime to marvel at your unique and once in a lifetime captured memories. We may never get to return to Hawaii, but we will always have the photographs of that amazing week. ~ Gail Silva

Scott and Robin made a fantastic team! We had some severe weather issues (a hurricane!) and they handled it beautifully. They were very responsive, flexible, attentive, and had a great vibe! It was pleasure to have them as a part of our special day! ~ Jamie Renell


Once we hired Scott, his pre-game preparation was very impressive. Scott desired to really know Sarah and I so that he could capture our wedding the exact way we want to remember it.

During the wedding, Scott did an excellent job of blending in with the guests. Yes, he was the only attendee moving around while taking pictures, but I felt that his work did not distract anyone from the ceremony. After the ceremony, it was time for family pictures — that long, tiresome process. Not at our wedding! Scott was very prepared, understanding what pictures needed to be taken and who needed to be in them. Everyone had a lot of fun during this time, and the pictures were outstanding! Scott then took our first pictures as Bride and Groom. Knowing our photographic tastes, Scott used various settings, poses, and camera techniques to create the greatest pictures we have together. Along with the wedding portraits, Scott showed off his artistic mind throughout the reception. We have pictures of our rings, our friends and family, our first dance, and so much more from an angle and lighting that you just don’t know how to ask for.

Throughout our business with Scott, he presented himself and his work in a very professional manner; but with that professionalism also comes a sense of humor that helps you relax and feel the utmost comfort during this busy and stressful event.

Scott’s services come at a great value. After paying for his travel and housing expenses, the total cost was still less than what many local photographers were asking for. The wedding package we paid for was well worth our money. With our package, Scott put together a beautiful photo album of our wedding day, and my parents and in-laws each have a copy. This is an album that will be on display for years and years to come. My wife and I are incredibly grateful for Scott and his services. We highly recommend him to any couple hoping to remember their wedding the way they want to remember it. ~Scott Gardner


We were completely pleased with Linscott Photography and would highly recommend their services for your special event. Scott and his wife Robin make an outstanding team and exceeded our expectations as they captured our son’s wedding in photographs. Scott took the time to get to know my son and his bride before the wedding so he could incorporate their personalities into his photography. He had a great way of combining the information that we gave him about what we were looking for with his own creativity and knowledge as a photographer. Scott was so well prepared–he visited both venues before the wedding date so he came ready with great ideas for pictures. This made the wedding day photography well organized and go very smoothly. Another important thing to note is Scott and Robin’s wonderful personalities. They have a great way of relaxing everyone, making the photographs fun, as well as ensuring that all the photographs that you want are being taken. We all felt very confident that our son’s wedding pictures were going to be excellent because of Linscott Photography–and they are! The finished albums are really works of art–creatively arranged and well balanced. True family treasures. We will definitely be using Linscott Photography again in the future! ~ Sallie Gardner, mother of groom.


Linscott photography did all of my Wedding photos and beyond met my expectations! I highly recommend them for any photo needs. ~ Rebekah Stevens

WOW, planning a wedding is an exciting, busy but also a stressful lifetime experience. Linscott Photography created memories of our daughter’s destination wedding which we will always cherish. If you are considering a “Do It Yourselves” or a ” Friend” I highly recommend you read the FAQS on Linscott Photography’s website. Things you never think to consider could mean the difference between memories to treasure for a lifetime or regrets! Scott and Robin are an organised team that know what you will find important when that special time is over. With the rush of preparing and getting to the ceremony on time, it was a comfort to have this team know how to arrange shots and keep the flow going smoothly. Anyone can snap a picture, but it takes a photographer’s talented eye to capture the emotions, spirit and small details of that special moment. ~ Mother of the bride


Scott’s professional and personable interest in the success of this wedding was inspiring. He took the time to make sure each required photo was in the best situation for all involved. The fun photos he took during the reception and around the ceremony were priceless and included artistically in the wedding albums. ~ Lisa Obrien


Scott is friendly and fun and takes the time necessary to create your memories. He has creative ideas and made us laugh. On a day that needs to move efficiently, he coordinated well with other vendors and we felt the freedom to enjoy our pictures and wedding with ease, to the point of realizing…I never even saw him take that one!!! He was just there for the moments we wanted. At all stages of prep we were able to reach him with ease, and he was very informative in answering any questions we had. Very professional. ~Marissa Brown


We thoroughly enjoyed working with Scott. He was accessible throughout our entire planning process, his flexibility stood out to us. We had some unique requests for engagement photos; his creativity allowed us to be in love with the finished product. Scott was fun to work with, and from the beginning we were very comfortable with him. His experience and professionalism, coupled with his ability to keep you laughing and smiling made this a truly enjoyable experience for us. We’ve recommended him several times! If he’s got your date open, take it, you won’t regret it! ~ Brianna Gullat


Maine Wedding Photographers, Scott and Robin Linscott would love to share your day and capture your memories! Contact them at or online at .

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Living life to the fullest, walking in the dust of my Rabbi, creating art through photography and written word, speaking words of hope and encouragement at conferences, workshops, church and civic gatherings.
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