Professional Office, Waiting Room, Public Space Decorating Ideas

Your office, waiting area or lobby communicate to your clientelle. What is yours saying? A dull, drab area with old posters or faded art says, “Quality isn’t important here.”

Vibrant colors, creativity and interesting wall hangings tell your patients, clients and customers that you value excellence. Your decorating theme communicates about the things you value. It tells what type of person you are.

CareArt photography by Scott Linscott brightens your space, calms with beauty, and energizes with vibrant color while giving viewers an opportunity to think. With 5×7 to 20×30 prints you make your space come alive while promoting the gift of life – organ donation.

In addition to giving your space an instant facelift, you directly support people suffering from chronic illness or injury through Twenty percent of each purchase directly benefits helpHOPElive in its mission to support people who are struggling.

Physicians offices, insurance companies, public offices, hospital halls, waiting rooms, businesses, DMVs, schools … the list of places to hang Linscott Photography CareArt is limitless.

Place your order online at . You can order prints, framed prints, prints mounted on foam board and a variety of other products that will be shipped to your door.

The library of selections is continuously being updated but several samples are below.

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About Scott Linscott

Living life to the fullest, walking in the dust of my Rabbi, creating art through photography and written word, speaking words of hope and encouragement at conferences, workshops, church and civic gatherings.
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