Maine Senior Portraits: Logan, Michael, Annie, Nicole, Hannah

Logan - South Portland High

Hannah - Falmouth High School

As the Class of 2012 heads back to school, it begins checking things off its list. The first check is their senior portrait for their yearbook. Most just see it as a photo session but parents see it as the beginning of the graduation right of passage. Portraits, final home games, last home-coming dance, last prom, college acceptance letters, senior assembly, gatherings and then the cap and gown materialize.

Annie - Falmouth High School

My schedule gets more hectic with each passing week until mid-October. By early summer, I photographer the planners. In September, my schedule fills with those who knew they had to have portraits but weren’t aware of the deadline until announcements began blaring over the intercom every day in home room.

The last week of September brings out the free spirits. They have never been concerned with deadlines and aren’t constrained by time.

In mid-October, I get the panic calls. “Oh no! If I don’t get my picture in this week, I won’t be in my yearbook!” We shoot fast and have a digital image for the editor within a day.

Mike - South Portland High School

So many different personalities and so many styles! From the artsy to the formal, from the glamorous to the tattered, I get to meet so many great young men and women. It’s my favorite part of being a photographer!

In the next weeks I will photograph seniors from Cheverus, Deering, South Portland, Falmouth, Cumberland and Scarborough to name a handful of the schools. I will be photographing fashionistas and athletes, artistic and urban, outgoing and introvert.

Nicole - Deering High School







It might sound melancholy or sentimental, but I can’t help but imagine what lies ahead for this Class of 2010. From what I have seen so far, I think the future looks bright!

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